Multiconnect connector

Used to fasten and connect metal framing, the multiconnect connector connects up to 3 metal framing members vertically and horizontally, bending through 90° and holding 2 framing members.

Made in France

As a manufacturer and supplier, all our products are made in France, on our industrial site in the Ain region, right in the heart of Plastics Valley.

Quick to install

Compatible with all types of furring, the multiconnect connector is a multifunctional accessory that’s quick and easy to install.

Robust product

Manufactured in reinforced polyamide, the connector offers high shock and impact resistance with good mechanical strength.

3-fur multiconnect connector

Multiconnect connector

  • Packaging : 25 pcs
  • Building type: Renovation/new build
  • Folds up to 90
  • Catalogue number: 03033

Several possible layouts:

Multiconnect connector
Multiconnect connector
Multiconnect connector

Video presentation of our multiconnect connector

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