Adjustable Easytop hanger

Like the Easytop single hanger, the Easytop adjustable hanger is designed for use in converted attics. With its 50% fiberglass-reinforced composite material and adjustable rod, the Easytop line offers numerous advantages.

Made in France

As a manufacturer and expert in plastic injection molding for 34 years, all our products are made in France, on our industrial site.


Easy to use, the Easytop adjustable hanger provides a perfect airtight seal. The Easytop hanger can be used for both renovation and new construction.


Reinforced with 50% fiberglass, the Easytop adjustable hanger offers excellent mechanical strength and impact resistance.

Adjustable Easytop hanger

Adjustable Easytop hanger

  • Packaging : 40 pcs
  • Building type: Renovation/new build
  • Adjustable with adjustable stem
  • Catalogue number: 03027

Video presentation of our Easytop adjustable line

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